Call for proposals for establishing or upgrading e-business of SMEs in the 2019-2022 period – “E-BUSINESS 2019-2022”

SERENA d.o.o. submitted a proposal under the E-BUSINESS 2019-2022 call for proposals, with the funding provided by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), and received a grant for the implementation of the “Digitalisation and Automation of Business Processes at Serena d.o.o.” project (short name: Dig_Avt_Serena). The project activities to be carried out at the Company include launching a portal for electronic interchange with business partners, a website for foreign markets, starting an online store, producing a product marketing video and building competences through training mainly to ensure optimal performance of tasks.

In In d.o.o., acting as an external provider in the context of the call for proposals, provided the entire service of electronic interchange with partners for the Company. The job includes the IPSPlus system integration with the RIP Panteon Group system and the B2C online store.

ARM DESIGN, Aljaž Sahornik s.p., acting as an external provider in the context of the call for proposals, set up a website for foreign markets for the Company, as well as the online store.

Vizual 7 d.o.o., acting as an external provider in the context of the call for proposals, produced a product marketing video for the Company.

Inova IT d.o.o., acting as an external provider in the context of the call for proposals, provided for the Company the competence building – training service in the field of general staff training and awareness raising of all employees as well as presentation of examples of good practice and digitalisation of business processes as a whole.



Optimisation of work process relating to the exchange of documents between our company and customers (orders, order confirmations, delivery notes, invoices) both for the wholesale and end customers – the online store. A system has been set up in electronic interchange with partners, but it does not allow full electronic interchange with all business partners.


The new website is aimed at improving brand and product recognition in foreign markets, where SERENA d.o.o. wishes to introduce itself as a trustworthy partner and implement innovations appearing in digital systems. The website is set up as an information board, where users only obtain information needed to get in contact with the Company.


By launching the online store we wish to increase the sales of our products. We will enable the users to purchase online using their phones, tablets or computers. This action is aimed to substantially increase the sales in foreign markets.


According to the consultants, a product marketing video is currently the best medium for online promotion. It will reach new users on all major social networks, such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and various conferences at which we will be present throughout the period. As a consequence, we wish to increase the sales in foreign markets.


The transition to a digital environment will mean a major shift to different operation/governance for both the management and employees. We wish to improve the skills and competences of our employees through education and training. The management team occasionally attend various training courses and make sure that the employees learn the necessary skills. As regards e-business, the staff have been made familiar only with the existing system.