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I want to introduce to you the Cocoa products that I came across when browsing the internet and I immediately decided to taste them. Cocoa products are excellent snacks that can serve as a substitute for meals, a travel snack full of energy, and of course a healthy dessert for all chocoholics. All products are vegan-friendly, dairy-free, soy-free and refined sugar-free. All ingredients come from certified organic farms, thus additionally confirming the quality of the products and their ingredients.

The company offers bio raw chocolate with various nuts and superfoods, dried fruit covered in raw chocolate from organic unroasted cocoa beans and different nuts covered in raw chocolate. When I saw the products and read descriptions of their ingredients, my eyes lit up and I was determined to take them with us to our forthcoming trip to Morocco.

We took with us the whole range of Cocoa products, so that we could make the most of our vacation in that African country. They filled us with energy when travelling there.  This is what we felt when we took the first bite, as raw chocolate lifts our spirits by triggering the release of serotonin, better known as the happy hormone. Moreover, raw chocolate lowers the blood pressure, helps prevent cancer and protects the brain and the nervous system.

Let me introduce to you in more detail three of our favourite products. It was a difficult choice considering all excellent tastes of the snacks.

  1. Coconut chocolate with pistachios and salt (my choice)I think this chocolate has no competition. A perfect symphony of flavours coming from salt, coconut and pistachio makes it an obvious choice for all chocolate lovers. In spite of being vegan-friendly, it still tastes like “milk chocolate”. It contains natural pistachios with no cholesterol, an excellent source of fibre and protein, as well as Himalayan crystal salt, the purest and most natural salt available on earth, said to contain all 84 minerals and microelements.
  2. BIO figs in raw chocolate (my partner’s choice)My partner found this chocolate snack amazing. The combination of sweet figs and raw chocolate was something new to our taste buds. Precious antioxidants and the highest fibre content in dried fruit and nuts make figs in raw chocolate an excellent choice for a light and healthy meal.
  3. BIO hazelnuts in raw chocolate (my daughter Mia’s choice)A product chosen by my daughter for its deliciously crunchy texture. Hazelnuts in raw chocolate contain a lot of unsaturated fatty acids with magnesium, potassium and iron, providing energy and vital substances to the body.

Enthusiastic about the Cocoa products, we happily returned home. If you wish to taste these indispensable Cocoa snacks, you can order them online (www.cocoa.si) or buy in a nearby Spar, Tuš, Mercator or Leclerc shop as well as in specialised organic shops.

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