Payment methods

Serena d.o.o. provides the following methods of payment:

  • transfer to the Serena d.o.o.’s account in accordance with the quotation/pro forma invoice**
  • debit or credit card (Activa, MasterCard®, Visa, American Express (online payment), BA Maestro)
  • payment using PayPal.
  • **After the receipt of payment in accordance with the quotation/pro forma invoice, the order is submitted first to the processing procedure.

When paying with a credit card via the internet, inform case of order cancellation or payment method change by the user for credit card or cash refund.

Debit/credit cards

Credit/debit card payments are subject to the following conditions:

  • payer (contact details in user account) must be the same person or organisation as the owner of the credit or debit card;
  • after the receipt of order confirmation it is not possible to change the content of the order or the final amount of the order, save in exceptional circumstances with the approval of Serena d.o.o.