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100% compostable & biodegradable
Highest sewing & processing standards & fair production
Non-woven material is 100% from renewable & non-GMO resources
Warehouse & logistics management by weforyou
Significantly lower CO2 emissions than other bags
Internationally certified & product winner of the Greenpeace Market Check 2016
High resilience & shelf life of up to 2 years
High marketing value: Positive image for the buyer & for the seller (CSR Strategy)

weforyou production process

From the raw material production until the final sewing of the bag, each production step is entirely owned by weforyou. This makes us unique on the market and ensures our high quality at each step. Since we are the developer and producer of the non-woven bag, the bag can be fully customized and optimized for each application. We produce under socially and ethically sound conditions and pay attention to fair wages, social protection, staff security and working hours. www

weforyou quality standards

The weforyou biopolymers are produced at our own Biopolymer Campus and their high quality is the fundament of the non-woven appearance. In addition, weforyou‘s high sewing standards and precise cross-stitch method result in a strong and durable bag which is ideal for reusage. The weforyou professionals produce the highest bag quality in the industry and every single bag is quality assured.

»weforyou is the first company in the area of reusable bags whose product is fully justifiable by Greenpeace: 100% from renewable resources, 100% non-GMO and without any staple food. Furthermore, their products are fair and have a high quality«

Ms. Nunu Kaller
Greenpeace Austria

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